Football Fitness vs Gym Fitness

On Saturday 26th May, Liverpool Football Club, who finished in 4th place in the Premier League, and 12 time champions of Europe, Real Madrid, go head to head in hopes of winning the Champions League trophy. But as both managers are putting their heads down planning strategies and formations for their players ensuring they are mentally fit for the match, but … Read more

Can Fasting During Ramadan Improve Your Health?

  Ramadan falls on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and consists of 30 days of fasting which is mandatory for all Muslims, with exceptions. This means all Muslims must refrain from all consumption of food and water for a period of 30 consecutive days between the hours of sunrise and sunset. For a more detailed explanation of this Islamic month, … Read more

How Exercise Can Boost Your Immunity

  In the modern world, with all the widely supported research which is certain about our health, the immune system is still a topic under heavy research. There is evidence to suggest that there are significant links between improved immune function and lifestyle but the evidence is not conclusive. However, although the data can be unclear, it is still important … Read more

What Is So Great About Bodypower?

If you’ve been living in a bubble for the past 10 years, or maybe you’re new to the world of fitness, Bodypower UK is the mecca of all things fitness. Fitness influencers from around the world come together to meet with fans and showcase their fitness products, most athletes have by this point earned a decent following and their presence … Read more

Enjoy The Gym This Bank Holiday

To keep in the spirit of the beautiful weather we have been experiencing this weekend, we thought we’d encourage you to enjoy it in the gym! A gym is a place for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and competitors to train at their peak performance with a deep desire to achieve their goals, however, the gym also resides as a place for … Read more

5 Tips To Help With Your Fitness Self-Motivation

Motivation, without it you are motionless. Newton’s law states that “an object in motion will stay in motion at a constant velocity unless acted upon by an outside force.” if we apply this law to fitness, the thing that keeps us in motion is motivation. Motivating others serves great importance especially with people of low self-esteem and can prove very helpful in the initial … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Shoulders

Strength and conditioning training has increased in popularity not just by top athletes but the average gym goer now, mainly due to its proven effect on the human body for increased performance. A likely portrayal of this improvement is the effect on the shoulders, which as a trainer is one of the most frequent muscle group I get questioned on … Read more

Endurance Training vs Strength Training

The world of fitness has grown rapidly over past years, with new training methods and styles constantly being released in search of the most efficient and promising type of training. Now in this popular age of fitness culture we can see a wide variety of gyms and health clubs all over the world targeting different training systems surrounding different training … Read more

Don’t Let Limited Mobility Impact Your Fitness

Exercise and fitness isn’t something that only people with full mobility should be concerned about. Anyone can appreciate the benefits of exercising. In fact, it’s even more important to experience the physical and mental benefits of exercise if you have limited mobility. Together with the physical benefits, exercise can also ease depression and reduce stress and anxiety. It can even help … Read more

Focus Fitness UK Success Stories: Florica Fabian

We recently interviewed a young and ambitious ex-student of ours Florica Fabian, who completed our Level 2 & 3 training course. Prior to starting her course, she was a business owner but had plans to enter the fitness industry as … Read more

Virgin Active Assessment Day – Thursday 3rd May – Guaranteed Jobs Opportunity!

Fitness is a rapidly growing industry. A concern that several personal training students have is the likelihood of getting a job after completing their personal training qualification. If you complete your course with Focus Fitness UK, we have guaranteed opportunities for fitness jobs! Keep reading to find out one of the opportunities that we offer if you decide to do a … Read more

Why Do You Need A Personal Trainer?

  A personal trainer is more than just a facilitating guide towards your fitness goals, they are also your ride or die and can sometimes be your coach for life depending on who you have chosen to support you along your journey. A common misconception is that many people see a personal trainer as an intimidating figure, someone who will … Read more

The Ultimate Fitness Guide Part 2

Carrying on from Part 1, we will now dive into the final part of the guide which is just as important as the previous but is commonly misunderstood, the training. Almost everyone begins fitness with training in mind as their first driving factor but do not spend enough time understanding what they themselves mean when they say training, here we … Read more

Mother’s Day: Exercise After Birth

  Mother’s Day has come and gone but the importance of health and fitness for mothers remains. The months leading up to child birth can be a taxing one on the body for most mothers, and with such a dramatic change in weight difference post natal, the body’s strength changes. If left untrained, the body can become very sedentary and … Read more

5 Signs That You Need To Strengthen Your Core

  The benefits of a strong core are relatively clear, a strong core allows the body to function at a higher performance level and therefore exceed it’s potential overtime. However, the core if left untrained can result in a decline in performance. A strong core serves great importance in maintaining a neutral spine and upright posture, for this reason it … Read more

International Women’s Day: Why Personal Training is The Perfect Career

Once upon time women were not deemed worthy of the right to vote. Now women all over the world are demonstrating empowerment through some of the most inspiring and brave roles, women such as Malala, Angela Y. Davis, Sara Blakely, Lauryn Hill and Sheryl Sandburg, the list goes on. But one role which demonstrates a high level of female empowerment … Read more

Focus Fitness UK Meets the founder of Fresh Fitness Food, Jared Williams

Not long ago, I had the pleasure of meeting with Jared Williams who is the Founder of Fresh Fitness Food, the number one bespoke meal delivery service in London. 25 chefs, several of whom are from Michelin starred backgrounds, daily menu changes, 5 in house nutritionists who are assigned to deliver nutritional advice and education to every client depending on … Read more

5 Common Strength Training Mistakes You Are Making

What is strength training? Essentially a training style aimed at increasing muscle through increased muscle density, power and force. Strength training has been proven to help keep the body fit among many different health avenues and it has even been advised as one of the most important training styles to engage in when trying to burn fat. Strength training is … Read more

5 Posture Exercises You Need To Be Doing

One of the most crucial keys to successful progress in your fitness journey, is body alignment. The body rely’s on posture to perform exercises in the correct planes of movement and to activate the right muscles for the exercise, however with poor posture the body can easily get injured and incorrect performance of an exercise will occur as a result … Read more

The Ultimate Fitness Guide Part 1

What is the The Ultimate Fitness Guide? Well, essentially it all starts off in the mind, a place where all voluntary and involuntary actions originate. If you are not yet in the right mindset, you can not follow The Ultimate Fitness Guide to the best of your abilities, with clarity in your vision you can translate positive energy into the actions that follow, … Read more

5 Diet Foods to try in 2018

  With the rise of new fitness and health trends taking over in 2017 and with the success of so many different food/diet trends, we believe it is only suiting that we release a post about the food options we predict will blow up in 2018. Some of which have already proven high popularity recently, others seem unconventional but are … Read more

The Importance of a Cheat Meal

Cheat meals, a time to indulge and scrap your diet entirely right? Not exactly, most people have gathered a strong misconception of what a cheat meal truly entails, it does not mean to say your diet is now irrelevant from now nor does it mean your training is unimportant either. Here at FFUK we believe it is important that you … Read more

Newly Qualified Personal Trainer? Here are 5 Tips to Attract More Clients

As a personal trainer, clientele is biggest obstacle you will face, mostly because it is what your job revolves around and is what pays the bills, therefore it is important to ensure you have both desirable and sufficient amount of clients to support your backbone as a personal trainer. Finding clients can be tough, especially given the number of personal … Read more

5 Perks of Being a Personal Trainer

Why become a Personal Trainer? Isn’t it obvious, it’s amazing! Being a Personal Trainer comes with so many perks, from making others happy, to bettering your own health as a byproduct of improving others. Although the hours can be long at times, the benefits are far more rewarding. Plus your body and mind will improve along the way in your journey … Read more

How to Develop a Fitness Habit

Why is it, as humans, it can be so hard to commit to something? Especially when we ourselves have set it as our goals? Why can’t we set out on the paths we desire to embark upon? Why can’t we formulate a habit after doing so? Well actually, it isn’t that we struggle to develop lasting good habits, it is … Read more

7 Fitness Myths Debunked

Popular to the fitness industry are the number of myths shared around among fitness enthusiasts, the question how can we determine the authenticity of what we hear? Some theories have become so commonly known, people have begun accepting them as truths, just out of ease. But to avoid this indoctrination, Focus Fitness UK  have compiled a list of “7  myths … Read more

Veganuary: Is Following A Vegan Diet For A Month Worth It?

“Go Vegan” they said, well how about trying it for January instead? 2018 has arrived and veganism is here to stay. Vengauary is a month where people try going vegan for January to see whats it’s like on the other side. For those who are thinking about making the plunge, we would like to help you along this journey by … Read more

5 Exciting Careers You Can Use Your Personal Training Qualification For

Happy New Year to everyone, we wish you an amazing year filled succcess and prosperity, and for those of you looking to study their level 3 Personal Training (PT) Diploma, or those currently studying for their PT exams, or for those of you who are qualified and are looking for employment, Focus Fitness UK have compiled a list of job … Read more

How to Stay Consistent With The Gym This Year: Follow These 4 Principles

2017’s most popular resolutions were to: exercise more, lose weight and eat more healthier or anything similar under the health category. According to a recent article, only 8 percent of people stick to their resolutions. In theory, January 1st may be an awesome month for most gyms but February 1st shows its true colours through a drop in gym goers’ … Read more

The Benefits of Participating in Dry January

With 29 million people in the UK drinking alcohol, it is no surprise alcohol has contributed to 7000 deaths in the last decade here in the UK. With two public holidays so close together, the amount of alcohol consumed over the winter holidays peaks at this time of the year, no wonder “Dry January” takes part in January. Giving up … Read more

The Effect of Starting Now

“Good things come to those who wait, but only things left by those who hustle.”  – Abraham Lincoln For the most of you, the biggest act impeding your success, is your inability to start. You procrastinate away a lot of valuable time in starting what you need to do, time you do not have an abundance of. Your dreams of … Read more

5 Thought Provoking Questions To Ask Yourself Before 2018

The end of the year can seem like a daunting time for some, in fear that they have lost yet another year, but it can also be a very rewarding time if used productively. Asking yourself those hard to face questions before the new year can be the perfect time to reflect and learn from your experiences throughout the year. … Read more

Happy Fitmas: Vegan Christmas Dinner

Merry Christmas to all our readers, the time has come where we all endulge in our desires of eating our heart’s content without guilt, presents are opened and the table is laid with our dearest loved ones around us. But the time is just as festive for our Vegan friends too, and for those of you out there we have … Read more

Christmas Fitness Quiz

How great is your fitness knowledge? Are you up for the challenge? Test yourself with the Christmas Fitness Quiz put together by us at Focus Fitness UK. A carefully compiled list of questions relating to a variety of areas in the fitness arena, to truly test your knowledge in the field. 1) The word ‘atrophy’ is best defined as? The building of … Read more

Benefits of training in cold weather conditions

As we approach the peak of winter, the cold weather discourages us all to train, class attendance decreases and training motivation lessens. But aside from the demotivation which arises with cold weather, there are significant benefits to training in cold weather conditions. Although the cold weather puts most of us into mental and physical hybernation as aposed to going to … Read more

How to achieve your 2018 resolutions: Follow these 4 principles

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney As 2017 reaches its close, 2018 opens more doors for opportunity, the question is what have we got planned? According to the statistics of the 2017 resolutions, the number 1 goal was to lose weight/healthy eating; in a poll published by Bupa, 50% of Brits were not confident they … Read more

Top 5 Fitness Gifts to get for Christmas!

Are you in search of secret santa fitness gifts for that fanatical fitness friend of yours, or perhaps a stocking filler for a relative? If so, look no further as Focus Fitness UK have combined a list of the top 5 fitness gifts you should consider buying before making your final decision. We have taken some of the best gifts of … Read more

Bulking season: Best way to bulk up without losing gains

“For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger Tis the season of winter, we have all felt the change in weather and noticed the change in daylight time, but more importantly we are all getting ready … Read more

Advent calendar: One exercise for every day leading up to Christmas

All I want for Christmas is… A new exercise! As Christmas approaches, the advent calendar comences and the festivities start growing inside us all; lights, snow and get togethers. But what about your training, how will you program your workouts whilst trying to balance all of the Christmas responsibilities this month? Fortunately, Focus Fitness UK have compiled 25 exercises for … Read more

Start Your Day with Exercise for a Clearer Mind and Better Mood

The 2017 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report revealed that the UK health and exercise industry continues to grow with 1 in every 7 people owning a gym membership.  There are, in total, more than 9.7 million wellness members in the UK with the report highlighting an impressive growth across all sectors of the fitness industry. In 2017 there … Read more

The shocking number of calories in your favourite fast food meal!

18,875 KFC outlets, 11,000 Pizza Hut restaurants, 15,738 Burger King outlets and a whoping 36,899 McDonalds restaraunts in the world. With such variety and availability almost everyone has experienced food from one of these fast food chains, some more than others. But whilst you are enjoying favorite fast food meal from one of these adored spots, the calories you are consuming could be far greater … Read more

5 Exercises to burn off that extra Thanksgiving weight!

“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of Thanksgiving.” –  W.T. Purkiser Turkey, gravy, stuffing, rolls, pies, yams and mashed potato. Some of the yummy foods laid on the table for Thanksgiving and although these options sound and taste great, the weight gained at the end of the day isn’t so … Read more

The Importance of Stretching For Fitness

The British Journal of Sports Medicine reported that while there is no proven evidence that stretching can prevent injuries, it sure can contribute to muscle flexibility.Furthermore, stretching should be part of your fitness routine to help keep you limber and supple, both before and after exercise. If your muscles aren’t supple, they won’t stretch and contract as far. Continually, this will … Read more

Focus Fitness UK: Black Friday Sale!

BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Exclusive Offer! Black Friday this year is on 24th November, and it is going to be bigger and better than ever! Not only are the discounts bigger and better, our Black Friday deal will be running for a whole week so there is no excuse not to grab yourself a great deal. Here at Focus Fitness UK, … Read more

Diabetes: Top 5 ways to prevent the onset!

‘World Diabetes Day‘ has officially arrived. Here at Focus Fitness UK we feel that it is only fitting that we release a blog post explaining the most effective ways to help prevent the onset of the common condition. 3.8 million people in the UK suffer from the condition, which is 9% of the adult population! Diabetes is split into two … Read more

Winter is coming! So it is Essential to Stay Active

Staying Active is Essential in the Winter The winter blues or seasonal affective disorder is a serious condition for many people in colder areas where the amount of sunlight reduces for three months every year. In fact, it is clinically proven that humans suffer mentally during the colder seasons. Research also shows, however, that humans can fight these depressive episodes by … Read more

The Balancing Act: How to Fit Fitness Into Your Busy Life

Everyone wants to live a healthier life, but so often we just don’t have the time to make the healthiest decision every time. In fact, 30% of Brits admit they rarely or never exercise. And 20% say they’re too busy to manage their fitness properly. Building healthy habits can be a steep learning curve, and working full time or raising kids … Read more

Focus Fitness UK are finalists in the UK Active Training Awards!

Focus Fitness UK are proud to be announced as finalists for “Training Provider of the Year 2017” by UK Active which recognises a dynamic array of heavyweight-sector employers and top quality training providers. The training awards night is delivered in partnership with CIMSPA and sponsored by Active IQ. It takes place on 30th November at The Hilton in Reading. It … Read more

Focus Fitness UK Success Stories: Pearl Appleby

Success Stories Part 2: Pearl Appleby Welcome to the next post in our series of Focus Fitness UK Success Stories. Pearl started her journey with Focus Fitness UK by enrolling on our personal training course in Enfield at David Lloyd, Europe’s largest … Read more

National Fitness Day: 3 Reasons Why Muscle Building Is Important During Pregnancy

National Fitness Day encourages the United Kingdom to celebrate the joy of fitness and physical activity. It is also a fantastic opportunity empasise the role that physical activity plays across the UK, helping us to raise awareness of its importance in helping us lead healthier and active lifestyles. On National Fitness Day, Jane Sandwood explores 3 reasons why muscle building and keeping … Read more

Finding Out Your Body Types and How to Make the Most of It

Physically speaking, not all of us are created equal. We are all different, we don’t all have the same body types, fitness needs, and paths to success. We can, however, divide bodies into three basic categories to get a better idea of how they work so you can unlock your full potential or use the knowledge to help others unlock theirs. … Read more

With 12 Days Until National Fitness Day: Here are 12 interesting fitness facts!

National Fitness Day this year takes place on 27th September as part of National Fitness Week being run by UK Active; the UK’s largest physical activity celebration. Regular physical activity is great for everyone’s health, and wellbeing, and people of all ages and body types can be physically active. National Fitness Week is a great time to spread the word … Read more

How Rebecca Merrifield excelled by joining the Focus Fitness UK Traineeship Programme

Rebecca began her journey on our Traineeship programme and she is now excelling on our Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training. She kindly took time out her lunch to speak to me about her life, and her experiences with Focus Fitness UK so far. Hi Rebecca, nice seeing you today. Tell me a little bit about yourself … Read more

Focus Fitness UK Success Stories: Paul Akinniranye

Success Stories: Paul started his journey on Focus Fitness UK’s personal training course in Vauxhall, London at the renowned Southbank Club venue, back in September of last year, 2016. Almost a year later, we caught up with Paul to see how he was getting on and to get a few of his thoughts about his experience on the course.   Transcipt … Read more

Leon McKenzie Vs Jahmaine Smyle

Focus Fitness are Leon McKenzie’s proud main sponsors for his upcoming super-middle weight fight for the English title. With a huge buzz around his name we thought there was no better time than now to find out how he ended up jumping from a successful 18-year football career to going it big with boxing. You have been boxing for only … Read more

Ash Edelman’s top tips for new PT’s

A special thank you to Ashley Edelman for joining Focus Fitness UK on set at the vault gym in Shoreditch to shoot our promo video. Byron Bubb our London based team member had the pleasure of interviewing him on life as a personal trainer and his top tips for individuals joining the industry. Ashley is a highly experienced personal trainer … Read more

Pilates for better sex

Michelle Jermy, the genius author and fitness professional behind ‘Pilates for Better Sex’ has joined our team to tell all on her admirable journey within the health and wellness world. With a hugely successful book under her belt and a sought after Pilates studio based in Thetford she is fast becoming the go to Gal for everything fit. You rarely … Read more

New website Launch!

Focus Fitness UK has a new website! We’ll be keeping you updated with all the latest news in the fitness industry.

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