How long are your courses?

We offer both full-time and part-time courses. The full-time course is 7 weeks long and our part-time course is over 8 weekends.

Do you offer part time courses?

Yes. We offer part-time courses that take place over 8 weekends.

Am I eligible for funding?

You are eligible for Government funding if you are aged 19+ and if you have been an EU citizen for 3 years or more.

You are eligible for a personal loan if you are aged 18+ and work 16 hours or more a week. If you don’t work or work enough hours you can still apply for a personal loan however you will need a guarantor.

Where are your courses held?

We currently run courses in various venues in London, Manchester and Birmingham. We are expanding so we will soon be running courses in other locations.

Do you offer funding?

Yes. We offer full Government funding for 19+ and personal loans for 18+. Please visit the ‘Course Funding’ page for more detailed information.

Do I need a prerequisite?

No prerequisite is needed. You do need to be fluent in English language and have a passion for health and fitness!

What do I need to apply for funding?

All you will need to apply for funding is your National Insurance number and Passport (EU/UK).

You also need to have been living in the UK/EU for 3 years prior to the start date of your course.