5 Signs That You Need A Personal Trainer (PT)

Once upon a time, having a personal trainer (PT) was widely considered to be a bespoke service, but now with the rise of the health conscious generation, personal trainers have served an even greater purpose to the general population. The aim of a personal trainer (PT) is provide attention, motivation and individualization to suit their clients goals and needs, even a single session here and there can be incredibly productive towards meeting your goals. we have also included some signs pertaining to you finding a new trainer based on how your current trainer is approaching your goals, so if you find yourself meeting any of the 6 criteria below, you may need to consider having a new personal trainer:

1. You and fitness just don’t get along


Are you someone who when you step into the gym it feels like a foreign country and you don’t have clue what language to speak in? Or are you someone who tries to use each machine in hopes of working some kind of muscle? Maybe you are someone who knows your goals, but doesn’t know what to do to achieve them? Either way, a personal trainer can guide you and help direct you by making most of the decisions for you, all you have to do is follow them to the best of your ability. Just because the whole fitness thing sounds like a myth to you, doesn’t mean you have to completely exclude the idea of going the gym, instead look for a quality personal trainer and explain your goals to them, they will do the rest for the work for you.


2. You’re not seeing the results you want


Now this could be an add on to the previous sign, mainly if you currently have a personal trainer to whom you have explained your goals, but just don’t feel like you are achieving them. Firstly you should consult your current personal trainer and see if you are both on the same level as each other, perhaps one of you may have misunderstood. If not then consider looking for a new personal trainer who is better suited to helping you achieve your goals, perhaps your goals don’t match your current personal trainer’s skill set.


3. Sport specific training


Whether you are trained/training athlete, you will need a progressive program in place which will suit your competition frequency to optimise your winning potential, it is therefore best to have a sport specific trainer who is experienced in the sport you exercise in. Each event for a particular sport may have different risks and a personal trainer will help prevent those potential injuries with sport specific training based on the time you have available leading up to the event.

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.


5. You’re current personal trainer doesn’t care


Caring is a big aspect of the relationship between you and your personal trainer, it is imperative that you feel a significant amount of affection form your trainer with regards to your training goals. When you are feeling a lack of motivation, you can expect your trainer to bring motivation to the table. When you feel lack of confidence in your approach, you can expect your trainer to have confidence in you (considering they have programmed well for you). Whatever your physical and emotional, with respect to fitness, you can expect your trainer to give a 100% care about you. If not, find a new personal trainer.


6. Plan? What plan?


“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. Training for goals is about planning, if you want to be successful in your approach you must have a detailed structure/plan to take into action. And if you find yourself as someone who hasn’t a clue about programming or progressing, then you should consider having personal trainer who can do all the planning for you, this is especially important for athletes referring back to the third point about sport specific training. A good personal trainer will create a specific plan for you, a great personal trainer will consult a thorough progressive plan with you and reassess as your goals/targets change.


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Written by Daniyal Siddiqui.

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