How Can I Grow My Personal Training Business?

If you are a trainer, your job is a business, no question. We’ve discussed about tips for improving your marketing as a trainer in a previous blog of ours, mentioning, for example, the importance of social media and how it can help increase your business and clientele. However, with this blog, we’ve decided to look at the bigger picture as a personal trainer and discuss future options to help grow your business long-term, because essentially true success comes with growth, in whatever form so long as it is positive.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather a man of value.”

– Albert Einstein



Big, big opportunities here. Realistically speaking, this one is still in its infant stages and has lots of room for new trainers to explore, especially here in the UK. This is mainly because holding a boot camp requires you to have a good, if not great, reputation as a trainer and a solid clientele, once you have established this, then boot camps become a great opportunity grow your training business helping you increase exposure through referrals and reputation and slowly it will contribute positively to your finances. Here is a look at the top 10 boot camps referenced by The Independent, so that you can research your competition and learn from them.

Online coaching


Sounds regressive, but can be a great opportunity for growth. A lot of people start out using online coaching these days (perhaps an attempt at reducing as much social interaction as possible, I don’t know) especially in the new digital area, mainly because of its ability to reach a wider audience and it’s not too costly. However, although this method can be very successful at increasing clientele, it does function better when you already have an established clientele base and you built a gradual reputation, because your experience and reputation as a trainer will sell its self, allowing potential clients to feel more entrusting of you thus drawing more attention to your service over others. here is a look at a great example for nutrition training online, LAZAR ANGELOV.

Private studio


The big one, the one we all want, a studio. A private, fully equipped, personal training studio reserved just for you and your clients, this one can take some time, for so many different reasons, but with persistence is totally possible. A private studio can be quite expensive and will be price dependent depending on location, nonetheless, it is still a very achievable goal. A private studio will allow you to train clients in a closer fashion, without the external distractions, allowing you to concentrate more on their strengths and weaknesses with attention throughout the session, two great example include Matt Roberts and Blueprintfitness.


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Written by Daniyal Siddiqui.

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