The Future Is Here: Monitor Your Training With Your Smartphone

We love to spend time on our mobile phones, doing a wide range of things, from paying the bills to laughing at memes. Indeed, a report from GSMA Intelligence shows that there are currently more mobile devices than people in the world. But did you know your smartphone can be your best ally for your training routine? Believe it or not, a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that using your smartphone can increase your exercise times by more than 170 minutes a week.

Countless providers offer apps and complementary gadgets that can change the way you conceive your workout tracking and your exercise plans. By using this technology to improve your training, you can achieve your goals more easily and even succeed at becoming a fitness trainer with more tools at hand.

Fitness apps for workout routines 

There are few things in life simpler than getting a new app for your phone. If you are planning to start on exercising, or want to track or optimise your performance, then you have many fitness apps available. Most of them provide information and tutorials on routine exercises on different disciplines, from yoga to CrossFit, often featuring illustrative videos and some sort of achievement system to keep you motivated and evaluate your improvement.

For example, 5K Runner offers a training plan for reaching 5K in three months. FitStar Personal Trainer features training routines for general workout while keeping track of your improvements and adjusting to your performance in order to keep the ideal exigence at any point.

Monitor your vitals with your phone

A few years back, athletes required special devices to track their vitals, but now, you can use your smartphone to do it. In fact, just by using your phone’s camera you can monitor your heart rate. Yes, you’ve heard that right. Perhaps you never thought of using your smartphone’s camera during training – you know very well that you need a camcorder to capture your athletic feats – but you’d be surprised to find out you can use it to measure your BPM.

You can track your BPM with just your phone camera

Apps such as Instant Heart Rate and Runtastic Heart Rate Pro use image processing software to measure your heart rate with your camera. All you have to do is gently place your index finger on your phone’s lens, and the app will register the nearly-invisible colour changes of your skin during the different phases of your heart’s beat.

The results have been tested by specialists and have proven to be extremely accurate. You can record your BPM several times a day and place tags to remind yourself of which part of your training routine corresponds to each measurement.

These and many other software tools are great for you to track your performance, adjust your training routine and explore new possibilities of exercise for your body and your mind. Never underestimate the power of technology and remember, sometimes the best gadget for your training routine fits in your hand.




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