How To Become A Better Personal Trainer

“Strength and growth come only through continuous struggle”

Napoleon Hill

Personal training is about growth. If you’re not growing intellectually, physically or mentally, your business will remain stagnant. Now, we’ve spoken about the importance of growing your personal training business in our previous blogs, so this one will not be about business growth, but more so about personal growth with relation to your career. As with most careers, industries change, with more and more innovative ideas and concepts introduced into each field replacing old with new. In the relatively young personal training industry, it is important to stay on top with all possible changes, mainly because changes occur so often in less established industries. You’ve almost got to look at the industry like the stock market. Once you can stay on top with these changes, it’s your job to adapt, if not, become better at marketing your service, because as time goes on, the number of trainers entering the industry will grow just as much as the fitness industry grows.


Scholarly articles

Brush up, new studies are being released just as quick as new theories/questions are being popped up. Once you can acquire more knowledge from multiple sources, our knowledge base will increase and your service will become more credible, however, it is also important to note the date of studies and the amount of supporting studies. Just as important is acknowledge that most data is limited and you must use your own experience to gauge a more accurate understanding. Popular sources include The National Center for Biotechnology Information and ACSM Health and Fitness Journal, but it we also advise researching for your own studies via google and broaden your knowledge from multiple sources, being sure to assess credibility throughout.

Study your competition








This is a big one. Your competition is always growing, this includes the number of trainers out there as well as the number of high-quality trainers too. If you are not familiar with who they are and what they are doing, your clients certainly will be familiar and you will lose business. Be smart and observe what other trainers are doing, what is making them more successful and what mistakes are trainers making which you should avoid. Remember, this is of course only effective after you have viewed your own successes and faults yourself before you observe others.



You are your best study. Practice and learn, observe and record. Train clients and learn from their growth, use their growth and changes as testimonials when training other clients, showcase their results to other potential clients so that they can feel comfortable training with you. Your observations of your own clients will soon become part of your confirmed knowledge base, but it is also important to note growth and faults in other trainers i.e people who do not have a personal trainer yet, notice their mistakes and be sure to offer corrections, your credibility in the gym will increase as a result and members will begin to see you as a more reputable trainer to turn to.


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Written by Daniyal Siddiqui.

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