5 Marketing Tips For Personal Trainers


Personal Training is a business, in fact, it is your business and you are the boss, employee and marketer. This means you need to put the right amount of hours in to promote your own business, the question is, how? Well assuming your time management is above par, then promoting your business shouldn’t be too difficult, if you follow these 5 comprehensive steps. But before you read the following 5 steps, understand that if you are your own business, then you are also your own advertisement. Present yourself well, never drop your cool and always appear professional. As soon as this fails, you begin to lose credibility and the following 5 steps will not even work, be professional in your approach.

1. Social Media Marketing


The future of today. Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube, and the infamous Instagram, are all platforms you could be on if you are not already. There are also a wide variety of online courses available regarding social media marketing, click here for a great example. When you market yourself on social media, you are able to reach a far wider audience passively and thus increase your exposure as a business. Now there are many ways to approach social media marketing, with many tools available, we suggest Buffer and IFTTT, two great examples of social media tools which can help boost efficiency and connectivity on your social media platforms. Most social media platforms offer their own paid marketing options which are incredibly useful, however, please read this article by Gary Vaynerchuck (who is one of the best social media gurus) where he explores the key to small business social media marketing. And just because we are kind, here is another resource by Buffer which can help you out with maximising your personal training business on social media, 100+ Resources for Learning Something New About Social Media and Marketing.

2. A clear and comprehensive website

Your website is your digital business card. It what people use to connect and learn about the service you offer, it is where your prices and services are listed, testimonials are posted and information/FAQs are given. Use your website as your best tool, it is up there with the importance of your social media page (Please note, you should have your website integrated with your social media platforms). When your website is not clear and easy to use, the user feels disengaged and you just lost a potential client just based on the layout of your site, click here to better improve your site as a freelancing personal trainer.

3. Business cards are still key


You haven’t got one you say, why?! Are you crazy? Yes, business cards may have been a craze of the past (NB: American Psycho), but they are still very useful. Think of this way, you are out and suddenly you bump into someone who later informs you they are looking for a personal trainer and you, of course, exchange social media pages and numbers, however, you also hand them your business card which will go into their wallet. This is because, perhaps you guys will never connect for a while, and that person forgets the conversation you both had, but your card remains in their wallet, sitting there until one day they are feeling unfit and they decide to give you a call and there you go, you have a new client. Be professional in your approach, have a business card. Check out Vistaprint if you are starting out.

4. Referrals


Very, Very important. Referrals help make and keep your business credible, when a client is training with you and seeing results ask for a referral, perhaps they have a family member, brother, sister etc, who needs a trainer too. Read this post for ways to ask for referrals and thus increase your business.


5. Outreach

This is really where hours in compliments hours out. Be your best advocate, the business grows when you are working at your best, that means standing outside the doors of the gym showcasing your product trying to connect with as many people as possible interested in improving their fitness and changing their lives. Also, outreach is another opportunity for you to hand out your business cards, so as you’re promoting the gym/yourself, be sure to give your business card to potential leads and get in contact with them at a later date. Additionally, doing outreach gives you more exposure in the area, it lets people know you are around and available should they need you.


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Written by Daniyal Siddiqui.

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