The UK’s summer has been quite erratic so far, to say the least, but it is expected to improve and we’re likely to see a lot of sunny days open up this July. We realise many of our readers are not just avid gym goers but are also runner enthusiasts and so we thought it would be valuable to drop our top picks for summer running tips this 2019 so that you guys can look your best at your best whilst truly reaping the benefits of running with nice weather. As a heads up, the tips listed are in no way tailored for a specific type of runner, we have tried appeal to various types such as long distance and short, beginner and advanced, so we can all benefit. We hope you enjoy, be sure to share on your Facebook page if you found this post useful! So, without further ado, let’s set pace.

Running In The Heat

As typical Brits, most of us think anything above 30 degrees is ‘hot’. Not many of us enjoy running in extreme weather conditions, especially out of competition, and in fact, a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise has shown a slight decrease in performance of male runners which is likely a result of the heat causing the muscles to work inefficiently and less optimally. Long-term, however, if you run in hot, humid weather regularly, the body learns to adapt to those temperatures pretty quickly. We do suggest carrying water bottle/flask not only for hydration but also for cooling. If you have a race planned to be in hot conditions, for example, it is worth training in those conditions more often so the body can acclimate to those conditions, for example, summer track runs or stints in a sauna, etc. Nevertheless, stay safe and monitor your body’s response to the temperature to make sure you are not hindering your performance.


Running For Charity

A record 42,906 started the race on Sunday morning, with 42,549 crossing the finish line on The Mall opposite Buckingham Palace. More than £1bn has been raised since 1981 by the London Marathon alone.

“This is an astonishing achievement and my congratulations go to everyone involved in making the London Marathon such a world-renowned fundraising success – helping millions of people over the last 38 years,” Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

The great thing about charity runs is almost anyone can enter, the oldest runner was 85 years old whilst the youngest was just 18. Whatever your current running level, you can work up to the desired distance/time through proper planning and periodicity and really help a great cause whilst doing so. Here is a list of some of London’s popular charity runs, alternatively you can Google ‘charity run’ and see which one sparks your interest most.


Park Runs

Almost all park runs are free, as they are usually aimed at encouraging community spirit, which is why they are often led by volunteers. Each park run is different for each area, which is why it is best to first decide which one you gravitate towards the most. Some are hilly, others are flat and some are busy whereas others are friendly, whatever your running interest, there is a park run for it. So what are you waiting for, if a park run isn’t something you have tried before, we suggest you try one and here’s a list to get you started with your choice. Lastly, if you are a personal trainer, it can be a great place to pick up new clients or a great idea to start a park run and take your current clients to.


Midnight Running

If you’re someone who wants to escape the confines of regular daytime running and are interested in joining an ever-growing crew of athletes of all ages and nationalities from different disciplines and backgrounds, united by a passion for meeting new people, taking on new challenges and keeping fit, then Midnight Runners could be for you. Now available in 4 continents, 5 languages, 7 countries, 10 global cities, this fun community tears the roof down at more respectful evening hours, armed with music systems so they can party on the move. The Midnight Runners do a free music-fuelled ‘Bootcamp Run’ in Central London on Tuesdays, and sometimes offer a weekend run followed by an after-party at 1 am.

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Written by Daniyal Siddiqui.