World Vegan Day: 5 Ways Going Vegan Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals.

Happy World Vegan Day!

It is said, in a lifetime we consume 7,000 animals, of course by one person choosing not to consume meat, it won’t save all the animals who are in farms and slaughterhouses today, but it is a simple rule of economics that when demand decreases so does supply. Additionally, you influence your peers into following your choice which can cause a subsequent chain reaction of more people going Vegan, just have faith in your decision first.


1. Top protein sources

1. Vegetables: Spinach has about 7 grams of protein, French beans have 13 grams, kale has 5 grams and boiled peas have 9 grams of protein.

3. Non-Dairy Milk: 1 cup of soy/almond milk = 7-9 grams of protein.

4. Nut Butter: A couple of tablespoons of any one of these will get you 8 grams of protein.

5. Quinoa: Delivers about 9 grams of protein per cup.

6. Tofu: Four ounces of tofu will get you about 9 grams of protein.

7. Lentils: With lentils, 18 grams of protein!

You get the point. You will be able to get enough protein!


2. Understanding the role of eggs

These days many hens are being rescued from caged environments where they are found featherless and have been genetically engineered to produce eggs on a daily basis. In some cases, eggs are broken and fed to the chickens to replenish lost nutrients which is horrendous. Eggs from healthy hens may seem permissible, but for vegans not so much, the idea is you don’t need to have eggs. But if you have rescued a chicken and there are excess eggs, perhaps give them to a neighbour to reduce them from buying store bought eggs – double activism.


3. Vegan strength 



Novak Djokovic, David Haye and Serena Williams are all Vegan. End of story.

Veganuary is coming up soon, why not try veganism for a month and see if it benefits you in a positive way. But whilst enjoying being Vegan, why not check our main page if you are interested in becoming a Level 3 qualified personal trainer, where you can start your journey towards success. We will be with you all the way and help you to achieve your end goal.


4. Vegan nutrient value 

Vegan diets are surprisingly high in fibre, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin A, C, and E. Though commonly misunderstood, Vegan diets are packed with essential nutrients, they do require balanced diets around them along with sufficient water intake and varied menus.


5. Weight loss

fitness progress

Vegan diets are notorious for stimulating weight loss in people who are new to vegan diets especially as a result of the drop in calories which comes in the form of grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. One study in 2017 found that the adoption of a plant-based diet appeared effective in weight loss and had a positive effect on BMI. 

Written by Daniyal Siddiqui.



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