Is a Career in Personal Training Right For Me? Part II

In Part I, we spoke about the importance of starting and how taking a step out of your comfort zone will aid in your success, we also covered the importance of constantly learning in the world of fitness and how as a trainer you are always a student in some way. In the final point we also looked at employment. Focus Fitness UK aims to assist our students with employment with interviews and assessment days with top gym providers. In part 2, we will be looking into the effects of goal setting for future ambitions supported by ex-student testimonials on advice they would give to future learners.


The world of fitness is growing exponentially, especially with the advent of the digital era dynamically developing so many different careers. Personal training is no exception. Trainers are now offering online coaching options through websites and new apps. Coaches are even offering training advice on social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube for more interactive communication between trainers and clients. The world is changing and some methods and in turn, careers are becoming outdated. Fortunately for the personal trainers, you need not worry because your job is adaptable. Personal training is a career which can readjust and adapt with the time, you just have to be innovative which is why we believe that the success of being a personal trainer is really dependent on your adaptability but also your goal setting. We are suggesting that your goals be finite and set in stone, but we are also suggesting that despite these determinate goals, you must be prepared to innovate and continue moving forward with the times.


Some of our ex-students only recently entering employment are already considering their options for the future, for example, our graduate student Yvan now working in “The Gym” plans to start a fitness brand and open a gym facility somewhere in Africa. Jarome, (another ex-student of ours) is a clear example of how goal setting can work, with his new boot camp classes just recently opened already hosting 30-80 members, he plans to open his own gym facility in 3-5 years. Planning for your future can be very helpful and opportunities are in vast supply, you just have to see what works for you. If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer but unsure of how to plan for your future, feel free to shoot us an email at and one of our team members would be glad to help you.


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Written by Daniyal Siddiqui.

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