12 Days of Christmas: 12 Fun Fitness Facts

With Christmas just around the corner and 2019 on the horizon, it is safe to say that 2018 has been the year of fitness with new fitness advancements and athletic achievements, the fitness world has shown its evolvement this year.  To celebrate the days leading up to Christmas, we thought we’d share some interesting fitness facts with you to share over the dinner table with family & friends on Christmas.

12. Low intesnity>HIIT

Contrary to popular belief, Steady State Intensity (low intensity) training can prove more effective at fat loss than HIIT. According to one study, the results showed no particular advantage for very high-intensity training models. Another study compared the effects of HIIT and moderate intensity continuous training in women and found an enhancement in visceral fat reduction with moderate intensity continuous training (higher training volume), but not in HIIT. Studies are still inconclusive and limited, but interesting nonetheless. 

11. Digital Fit Tech

With the popularization of wearables and fitness apps, the fitness industry has really taken its place in the digital era. A recent innovative advancement in this arena is the new Peloton bike experience. A private indoor cycling experience, Peloton is a virtual cycling experience whereby you cycle from the comfort of your home in front of a digital screen with a broadcasting live tutor/coach instructing you and others around the world. Classes run all day and have received lots of positive reviews. Worth a look!

10. Nike+ Training App Voted Top App 

Techradar voted Nike+ training as the top app for 2018. The app offers 100+ workouts varying in endurance, mobility, and strength with a host of different workout lengths between short 15-minute workouts to longer endurance sessions, allowing you to switch up your workout as you wish. The app is proving very popular and might be a good shout during the festive period as a way of staying fit!

9. Listening to Music Whilst Training Can Improve Your Workout 

A November 2018 study found that music guided attentional focus toward task-unrelated information and unregulated affective arousal to a greater degree than a no-music control condition.

8. Training Can Boost Self-confidence

fitness facts

As mentioned by Deborah L. Feltz, “Sport and exercise research has examined the influence of techniques based on performance accomplishment and has shown them to be effective in enhancing both self- efficacy and performance”. Click here to read more.  

7. The More You Sweat, The More Calories You Burn = Myth!

Sweat is how the body cools itself down, it does not equate to amount of calories burned.

6. Crunches Are Not Necessarily Key

Nor are they redundant, they have their purpose, but you must first look at what you are training for. Then look at what exercise falls in line with your training goal. For example, if you are training to perform in the short upper body abdomen contraction under a short range of motion, go ahead and incorporate crunches. but you are training for function/ specific sports performance, you might want to perform more functional based ab exercises such as planks/bear crawls. 

5. Joe Wicks started Out On A Council Estate 

Wicks stated his journey out by first borrowing 2000 from his mother and father to buy kettlebells and pay for his personal training qualification. Though at first his business wasn’t proving very profitable and he often doubted being able to pay his parents back soon, his determination and discipline proved successful. Wicks just last year made £5.5million last year – that’s £15,000 a day.

4. Stress Can Impair Your Motor Condition

“Motor Disorder” is a result of damage to the nervous system causing abnormal/involuntary movements. Chronic stress results in increased cortisol levels in the body which can lead to a number of physical health problems such as digestive problems, hormone imbalances, heart disease, etc. tke care of your mental health, click here to read more.

3. Alcohol Can Stunt Muscle Anabolism

Alcohol disrupts the absorption of protein into the body which is slowed down tremendously, resulting in not only a slower growth rate of the muscle but also a slower recovery rate, because the bioavailability of protein is decreased in the body. One study in 2001 proved that alcohol consumption inhibits muscle protein synthesis as a result of defects in signal transduction. Click here to read 5 Ways Alcohol Can Be Detrimental To Your Workouts.

2. Sleep Is Key To Gains

The Sleep Council recommends between 7 and 9 hours’ sleep per night for adults.  In reality, however, people are up late checking work emails and social media well into the night or watching TV on tablets in bed.  Staying ‘plugged in’ to your tablet or phone forces your brain to stay alert; the blue light emitted from devices shuts down melatonin production, making it harder to sleep.  Best to step away from the digital devices and get a good night’s rest if you want to perform at your optimal the next day.

1. Fitness Is Growing Very Fast

Some of our ex-students only recently entering employment are already considering their options for the future, for example, our graduate student Yvan now working in “The Gym” plans to start a fitness brand and open a gym facility somewhere in Africa. Jarome, (another ex-student of ours) is a clear example of how goal setting can work, with his new boot camp classes just recently opened already hosting 30-80 members, he plans to open his own gym facility in 3-5 years. The fitness industry has changed immensely over the past years, make sure you stay up to date and keep adapting!

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