How To Stay Fit During The Festive Season

In the days leading up to Christmas, it can feel like the festive activities are taking a toll on the body and naturally, our motivation to train takes a nosedive and slowly we end up looking like the Cookie Monster with our hands stuck in the cookie jar on Christmas day; scrummaging for more food!. But at Focus Fitness UK, we believe fitness is a lifestyle which can be practiced year-round, finding the tools to follow fitness in the right direction is where we come into play. So without further ado, let’s get motivated this Christmas!

Don’t be afraid to get outdoors!

Recent research shows that training in the cold yields a higher “metabolic increase”, this is due to the body expending additional energy in an act to remain warm, which in turn leads to a higher caloric expenditure and fat burning. For some this might be the season where most gains are made. Additionally, training in the cold can strengthen the body’s ability to work at peak levels, as some studies have found that by training during the cold months, you are 20 to 30% less likely to succumb to the flu. Read more on our blog “Benefits of training in cold weather conditions“. Additionally, you could check out some outdoor winter sports near by

Try something new

Sometimes the cause of a lack of motivation especially during the festive periods is due to a lack of variety. When training feels like a monotonous routine without shape or direction, it becomes a chore. You want to switch it up often, a good way to do this is to check out Advent Calendar blog post, where we have posted a different exercise for every day of the month, to keep you inspired. Exercises such as dumbbell floor press, knee tucks with a medicine ball, bench press with a resistance band and lots more!


Plan a Festive Vegan Christmas dinner?

Traditionally we are all so used to a big chicken or turkey on the dinner table, but why not switch it up and alternatively opt for a vegan based Christmas dinner, or perhaps offer a Vegan side dish such sweet potato casserole. Or maybe you want to start the day with a Vegan breakfast such as Vegan pancakes? Nonetheless, a Vegan Christmas can always be a great alternative to stay fit during these festive periods, click here for more Vegan recipes.

Happy Christmas everyone, we hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones. Please remember to check out some of our previous posts at Focus Fitness UK and be sure to check out some of our courses available if you are interested in becoming a qualified personal trainer in the new year!

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