Is a Career in Personal Training Right For Me? Part I

A good trainer knows how to train others, great trainers continue training themselves to further train others more effectively. Last year, more than 300 enthusiastic and motivated individuals became qualified personal trainers with Focus Fitness UK. It goes without saying that personal training is in demand, and even more so, training to become a personal trainer is also in demand too, but why? What is it about the life and career of a personal trainer that makes this career so attractive and enticing. Is it the pay, the hours, the social interaction, or perhaps something more simple like the free membership you receive as an employed trainer at a gym. Well instead of just giving you a dull and bland blog about the success of being a personal trainer in general, we thought we’d give you a blog about the success of being a personal trainer with Focus Fitness UK and the person we aim to help shape through our respective culture and ethos, using testimonials and key insights into life before and after becoming qualified to explain what it’s like becoming trainer with FFUK. We hope you enjoy!


Starting is the probably the hardest part with any career venture, to quote Zig Ziglar “You don’t have to be great to start, but have to start to be great“. The same philosophy applies to personal training, the career of trainer has no cap because the opportunities are endless, but you have to be willing to step outside of the bubble of comfort and complacency and instead step into the world of passion. Our ex-student Pearl Appleby had recently graduated Drama School student who jumped right into the moving world of personal training to act as a facilitating tool for her future ambitions. Another valued ex-student of ours, Jarome Calica transitioned from a career of retail management to becoming one of the most successful trainers in his gym. Many of our students come from backgrounds completely outside the world of fitness, but that doesn’t matter because there is something which we value far greater than your personal experiences and that is your desire to succeed. Click here to check out a full page of our ex-student success stories who brilliantly showcase this achievement.


Another key defining factor leading to success as a personal trainer is the learning curve, how you absorb and transmit knowledge. The life of a trainer is much like the life of any other human being, you are always a student, and being a student means you are in a constant pursuit of knowledge. Agnieszka Lipiec found her training experience with FFUK to be “very interesting and knowledgeable” which is an incredibly important feeling to have during a learning experience as a trainer. Aim to achieve a knowledgeable experience when training to become a personal trainer and of course, remember to enjoy the journey.



Employment can be a struggle in the modern world. Not exactly. The struggle cannot be blamed on anyone before your self, earn your employment and work for it. If you want a straight line to success, play ludo. The real world, however, is more like monopoly, it all depends on your choices. It helps, however, to have support getting you into employment which is an area that FFUK believes in helping you out with as much as possible. Our students commonly find full/part-time employment quickly after completing the course. Focus Fitness UK offers guaranteed interviews, and the interview is your time to shine! You need to show employers why you are the one they have been looking for, be prepared, passionate and business focussed. Alternatively, you could choose the life of a self-employed trainer which is just as rewarding.


If you found this post insightful, why not check out some of our previous posts on our blog page or if you are interested in becoming a qualified personal trainer check out our main page for course information and if you have any questions feel free to email us at

Written by Daniyal Siddiqui.


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