Winter Solstice: 7 Exercises to Brighten Your Day!

Winter Solstice, the day with least daylight, which is in fact tonight. To celebrate such a dark day, we’ve put together a list of 10 exercises which are sure to brighten your day this afternoon. Before we begin we’d like to say a huge thank you to all of our readers, the Facebook shares have been helpful in promoting the message of Focus Fitness UK. Remember to share this post on Facebook if you enjoy it because it really does help us create quality content for you so you can stay educated and enjoy reading at the same time. Lastly, if you are interested in becoming a qualified trainer, be sure to check out our course page where you can inquire about our course options, in the meantime let’s get into our list!

7. Viking Press

Do the Viking Press, you won’t regret it. Most popularly used in Strongman competitions, this exercise is a shoulder, trap and rhomboid strength builder. Working in the frontal plane of motion, you are able to generate and train your explosiveness helping with your “lockout” phase for Overhead-press. 

6. Back/reverse plank

Commonly referred to as a “reverse” plank, the back plank is a great alternative to your regular elbow plank. Instead of beginning in a prone position, rotate 180 degrees and begin in a supine position. Placing your elbows and forearms flat on the ground with your arms at 90 degrees, lift your waist, keeping your heels down and hold. Predominantly working your posterior chain, it is a great way to strengthen the neck and back muscles as well as glutes and overall core stability. Alternatively, you could use a bench to target the back and neck muscles even more.

5. Wall Slides

Also great for your posterior chain, this exercise focusses on training your spinal stability and scapular retraction. Commonly used to correct improper posture, wall slides begin being one of the hardest exercises to do if you suffer from poor mobility but can over time improve your upper body mobility. 

4. TRX Mountain climbers

Tough, tough, tough. Easy setup, easy to perform, hard to execute. A great core strengthening exercise combined with some HIIT cardio to help get that chiselled look in your abs. To make exercise a little harder, instead of placing your hands on the ground, you could hold a medicine ball/exercise ball to train your stabilizing muscle groups too. 

3. Bench Copenhagen hip adduction

Beginning in a side plank position, place one leg on a bench and the other underneath and using your obliques adductor muscles (of the leg resting on the bench) raise the other leg to touch the under part of the bench. A great alternative to your standard adductor machine, but much more difficult.

2. One-arm Kettlebell snatch

Adapted from the Olympic lift the “Snatch”, kettlebell snatches are almost the same, the difference is they work unilaterally which is a great alternative to the usual bilateral barbell snatch. Start light to ensure your wrist mobility is limbered up, then increase the weight as desired. 

1. TRX Hamstring curl

A little more skill based, this exercise is a great bodyweight hamstring exercise. This exercise requires a little more focus for it to become effective, it should not be “muscled” through (meaning avoid trying to power through the exercise and instead work on perfecting the movement to reap the most rewards.

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